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# Our mission 


# Who are we?

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Nous sommes une communauté
de professionnels et de passionnés travaillant
pour protéger les éléphants d'Asie, par l'accès aux soins, la recherche et la protection de leur environnement naturel.

#Context and Problematic

The great particularity of Southeast Asia is that it has more domesticated elephants than wild ones.

In this part of the world, there is an ancestral relationship between humans and elephants, a knowledge and community built over centuries of coexistence.

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Image de Capturing the human heart.

During the 20th century, the balance between human populations and nature has been considerably destabilized. The Asian elephant is one of the first victims of these upheavals.

The overexploitation of teak forests has forced the governments of Southeast Asian countries to react since the 2000s in order to limit deforestation. Unfortunately, the thousands of domestic elephants present on the forest sites are left without a purpose and become a burden for their owners. Until today, no transition plan has been envisaged for these elephants that are unable to return to the wild.

The destruction of forests and poaching also contribute greatly to the disappearance of Asian elephants, whether they are wild or domestic.

Every year, hundreds of elephants are poached for their ivory and skin, which are sold on the international black market, or die from overexploitation in the tourism industry or illegal logging.

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The Asian Elephant in a few figures

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The number of Asian elephants has dwindled to 50,000, compared to 400,000 in Africa!

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7,000 elephants are living in Myanmar,

80% of them are domesticated,

20% are wild and living in the jungle

# Our acti
Access to healthcare

With the mobile clinic, we go as close as possible to the elephants to provide them with necessary care.

The wild territories where elephants live are very remote, often several days' drive from urban areas, in difficult-to-reach regions. When an elephant is injured or becomes ill, its condition can quickly deteriorate and endanger its life. The missions of the mobile clinic are also an essential means of maintaining a connection with traditional communities and working with them to protect the elephants with whom they coexist.

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Image de Philippe Bourhis

With a local presence, we welcome professionals and scientists to exchange, share, and transmit their knowledge.

Exchange and sharing between these different actors is essential to build a community dedicated to the protection of elephants and the balance of relationships with humans.

the natural environment

Protecting the natural environment refers to taking actions and measures to preserve and safeguard the natural resources, ecosystems, and habitats of various species.

By collaborating with local communities and authorities, it is possible to implement a policy of preservation and control of natural spaces necessary for the survival of Asian elephants.

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#LPDEen Birmanie 

Image de Roxanne Desgagnés

Implantés également en Birmanie, nous travaillons avec les acteurs et les communautés locales pour le bien-être des éléphants domestiques et sauvages du pays.

Nous coopérons également avec les autorités locales pour créer un climat de confiance autour de la protection de la faune et de la flore.

Accès aux soins
La recherche
La protection de l'environnement
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#Our community of experts across Asia.


Fondateur et président de la fondation Airavata au Cambodge



Founder and President of the Airavata Foundation in Cambodia



Southeast Asia Elephant Expert


Htun Htun

Founder and director of the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp project Burma (Myanmar)

Tin Win

Founder and director of the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp project Burma (Myanmar)

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Founder and President of the Airavata Foundation in Cambodia

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#Our internal patrol





Field impact manager




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Design and visual communicatio

Help us support the cause of elephants to continue providing access to healthcare, conducting research, and protecting the natural environment.

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